Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Crime Mapping Conference Presentation

I recently presented a paper entitled "Using Simulation to Predict Prospective Burglary Rates in Leeds and Vancouver" at the 7th National Crime Mapping Conference, 7th-8th May 2009 in Manchester, UK. The conference was a great success as usual, bringing together people from all areas of the police, community safety and academia.

The presentation briefly outlined the burglary simulation and showed some initial results. Here is the abstract and slides.

The following image is an extract of the burglary hotspots which were produced by the Vancouver Sky Train scenario. In this scenario I was experimenting with adding and removing Sky Train lines (a high-speed urban rail link) from Vancouver, Canada. When the simulation has been configured correctly we would like to predict what effect the new Canada Line (which is being build to support the 2010 winder Olympics) willl have on burglary rates in the city.